Spanish Tortilla

Spanish Tortillas are my favorite snack for the Spanish Grand Prix. They take a little more time to make but are always worth the effort. A Spanish tortilla is essentially a potato omelet and you can add any extra ingredients that you like! I keep mine pretty simple but do love to add fresh parsley and sliced tomato to the finished product.


Spanish Tortilla


Peel and slice a couple Yukon gold potatoes and a small onion. Add them to a 12 inch nonstick pan, cover with olive oil, and simmer over low heat until the potatoes are tender. Whisk 6 eggs in a large mixing bowl while you are waiting.


I like to let the oil cool a little before draining the potatoes over a large mixing bowl. Season them with a little salt and pepper to let it soak in.


Let the potatoes cool slightly before adding them to the egg mixture. Throw in some parsley and a little more S&P and stir GENTLY! You don’t want to break up those beautiful potatoes.


Add the mixture back to your pan with a little more olive oil and stir gently over medium heat until the omelet starts to form.


Turn the heat down to low and let cook until top is almost set.


Remove from heat and flip by placing a large plate over the top of the pan and inverting it quickly. Then you can slide the omelet back in to finish cooking the top. If it sticks a little bit, you are okay because now you have a fresh side! Alternatively, you can place the omelet under your broiler for a few minutes to finish cooking the top.


Cook about 2 minutes on the other side, slide onto a plate and garnish with parsley and sliced tomato! Cut into slices or squares and serve either warm or at room temperature. Spanish tortillas take a little finesse but are worth learning and perfecting! After all, we do celebrate the Spanish Grand Prix every year!


Spanish Tortilla

  • Servings: 8
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Print


    • 3 medium Yukon gold potatoes cut 1/8 inch slices
    • 1 small sweet or Spanish onion, halved and sliced
    • 2 cups olive oil, divided
    • 6 eggs
    • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
    • 1 medium tomato, sliced


    1. Put potatoes and onions in 12 inch nonstick pan over medium heat and pour enough olive oil to cover (about 1.5 cups)
    2. Once the oil begins to bubble slightly turn heat to low and simmer potatoes and onions for about 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender but not browned
    3. Beat 6 eggs in a large mixing bowl and set aside
    4. Strain the potatoes, season with salt and pepper and let cool slightly
    5. Add the potatoes and half the parsley to the beaten eggs and stir gently to combine
    6. Place pan back over medium-low heat and add 1/8 cup of reserved olive oil
    7. Pour the egg potato mixture back into the pan and stir gently until the eggs start to set
    8. Cook over low for another 10-15 minutes until the top starts to set
    9. Remove pan from the heat and flip the omelet using by placing a plate over the top of the pan and inverting the pan, letting the omelet fall onto the plate
    10. Slide the omelet back into the pan and cook the top side for 2 minutes
    11. Slide or flip back onto plate, garnish with parsley and tomato slices and serve warm or at room temperature

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