Month: April 2015

Tequila Sunset

For this race we created a twist on a Tequila Sunrise, and used a local distillery’s maraschino liqueur, orange juice, black cherry juice and topped it off with champagne! We have a little snow in Colorado, but we are imagining the… Read More ›

Lamb Pita Burgers

Lamb is popular in the middle east so we thought a great lamb sandwich was necessary for Bahrain. These pita burgers are stuffed with raw lamb mixed with herbs and feta cheese, and then grilled to perfection! The juices and… Read More ›

Tzaziki Sauce

Homemade Tzaziki Sauce takes a little extra time but is delicious and refreshing! This sauce goes great with our Grilled Lamb Pita Burgers. Cucumbers are packed with water, so to keep the sauce from being runny and watered down you… Read More ›